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  • Resolve "Authentication failed because Entourage doesn't support..." Entourage Error

    MS Entourage is widely used as an email client by number of users. It helps you to create a cooperating email messaging environment. Sometimes it has been found that you just can't be able to send email messages or while trying to do so in Entourage 2008 for Mac, you experience the error notification that explains:

    • Error 17897   "Authentication failed because Entourage doesn't support any of the available authentication methods "

    Occurrence of this sort of error you will observe that database of Entourage becomes inaccessible and also you can't be able to perform any further access of the stored data in Entourage application. While attempting to rebuild Entourage database you will find that the process of database rebuilding fails with some of the errors.


    In order to fix out this issue first of all need to find out the possible causes of this kind of behavior of entourage application. The major cause that grounds this error message is corruption in MS Entourage database. Other causes are virus infection, abrupt system shutdown, application malfunctioning, erroneous server connection, incorrect details of email account, damaged identity of Entourage application etc.

    It is really important to fix authentication failed entourage error to save your data and successful sending and receiving of emails. You should open the account settings to check ISP settings whether it is set properly or not. Correct the details email accounts and also verify the Identity of Entourage and make it correct for this either repair identity or use of an updated backup.


    Delete any email, which is perplexed in the Outbox. When you send an email, Entourage moves that email to Outbox and when Entourage tries to establish a connection to the server, entourage attempts to deliver the email, and that email copy displays in Sent Items folder. If you access email while it still remains in the Outbox, you alter the message status, and it is not delivered. On the drop-down list of Send/Receive click on the option of Send & Receive All.

    Following through the resolution methods you may resolve Authentication failed because Entourage doesn't support any of the available authentication methods error. In case these steps proves not helpful to you, then it is suggested to use third party Entourage repair software. This tool is advanced and powerful to repair Entourage database irrespective of the reasons. It is integrated with potent user interface that successfully repairs and recovers damaged and lost Entourage database. Entourage repair software is compatible to almost all the versions of Mac OS.

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