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  • Database Daemon fatal error Entourage 2008

    The latest version of Mac Entourage application Microsoft Entourage 2008 is one of the best parts of Microsoft suit. This latest version of Entourage application equipped with a great features and extended functionalities which ensure efficient management of your emails, tasks, notes, journals, contacts, and other database contents. The problems can be occurred while using this database application and you may lose your data from the Mac Entourage application. Entourage errors occur when Office database is damaged, entourage is not able to access your database or the performed action could not be completed and displays Database Daemon fatal error Entourage 2008 on the desktop. To resolve this data loss situation you need to use entourage recovery tool.

    For further classification of this issue let’s take an example. After upgrading Entourage 2004 to 2008 you will receive a mail in the mailbox but when you attempt to open other folders like deleted items, sent items, junk items you will get an error message on your desktop as given below-

    Database Daemon Fatal Error. The Database Daemon has encountered an unknown error. The daemon will need to quit, and Entourage may need to be force quit.”


    If you are realizing that your entourage application cannot be accessed then it is sure that you will have to face data loss problem. In order to resolve this situation you must have to find out the root the root cause of this issue and have to go for a best entourage recovery solution. Corruption is the primary reason of Database Daemon fatal error Entourage 2008 but sometimes this type of unconditional error occurs due to unexpected system shutdown, virus infection, application malfunction and identity corruption.

    By following methods you can try to work around the above error messages and recover your entourage data-

    • You can verify database integrity
    • Go for rebuild entourage database
    • Create your new Identity
    • Create new MUD or Microsoft user data folder
    • Can give the repair permission of Mac OS X hard drive
    • You can also create user account


    If the entourage error remains same and you can not be able to resolve entourage database error by using above methods then you should go for third party entourage recovery software. It repairs and recovers entourage database items easily and makes the corrupted database accessible. This powerful entourage recovery is capable to recover all database objects in all cases of corruption like Database Daemon fatal error Entourage 2008 including malfunction, and identity corruption etc. The simple and user interactive interface of this data recovery doesn’t require any technical skill to use of these applications. It preserves absolute integrity of your significant data and read and destructive conduct.

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