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  • Fix Entourage can not Find Server Error

    Microsoft entourage server makes the emailing faster and more efficient. It has also increased the consistency but sometimes while using MS Entourage many of times users frequently receive the error messages. One of the most common errors that usually appear on the system screen when you try to send and receive email messages is as follows:

    Entourage can not find server. Verify the server information is entered correctly in the account settings and your DNS settings in Network pane of System Preferences are correct.


    After receiving the error message mentioned below, users becomes unable to access data from MS entourage program and usually in the most cases inaccessibility of files leads to data loss situation. There are several conditions that are responsible for emergence of such error messages such as incorrect configuration of e-mail account, erroneous e-mail server on Internet Service Provider, corruption in Entourage identity, sometimes virus or Trojans infection and many alike. Although, to escape from the data loss issue, you cam use backup (if available).

    To resolve the error occurrence of error message to access the data, at very first you should verify your database that it is not corrupt. If the error is displaying due to damaging of database then it is better to use the database utility to repair the damaging of database and for verifying the database file you should go through the steps, as written below:


    1. Exit, MS Office applications including Office reminders and MS Entourage
    2. Launch Disk Utility tool
    3. Select damaged database identity option, which you need to repair
    4. Now, choose the option of database Verify database integrity from Database Utility dialog box and click on the Continue button

    If the process of database utility to repair damaged entourage finishes successfully without any error, then start your Entourage program and access your data. But in case if the error issues remain the same then it is suggested to make use of third party Entourage recovery software. This software offers an interactive user interface that efficiently repairs as well as restore damaged or corrupted and lost entourage objects contacts, calendar, notes, tasks etc.

    Entourage recovery software is equipped with read only feature, which never alter any original data. With the help of this tool it becomes fast and easy to fix Entourage can not find Server Error. It is easily compatible to Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, 10.5 Leopard, and 10.4 Tiger.

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