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  • Entourage Application Crash on Deleting Emails

    When the size of Entourage database grows repeatedly, MS Entourage program might starts to perform slow. This kind of problem occurs with all the databases and just deleting the email messages and attachments is not sufficient enough to release the disk memory. It has been noticed bu many users that after deleting emails from Inbox, Entourage email client behaves unusually and makes the stored data inaccessible and puts you in the need to recover Entourage database to access your data again.


    You might experience many different issues with Microsoft Entourage after removing emails from Entourage account or making Deleted Items folder empty:

    • It can't let you to delete some emails, calendar, contacts, or other objects of Entourage database.
    • Some of the Entourage application items are not displayed in the preview pane.
    • Empty gray area in the preview pane, which conceals one or more than one messages. The issue also happens in the folder of Sent Items.
    • Entourage can't let you to access valuable data from your Entourage account or database of Entourage doesn't access at all. This sort of action signifies database damaging.

    Conditions like this mostly occurs because of corruption in database that might be the consequences of any of the situations, as mentioned below:

    • Abrupt system shutdown.
    • Database restoration from the Time Machine backup.
    • Virus/Trojans attack.
    • Malfunctioning of Entourage itself.
    • Software incompatibility, power failure etc.


    In order to fix Entourage Application Crash on Deleting Emails issue you can use Entourage’s Database Utility to compact its database that helps you to lessening the size of database. Close all the programs and start Entourage application Option key by holding it, to start Database Utility for rebuilding database. You should also try to restore your valuable data from the updated and recent backup as it lets you to create backup up of your data to the RGE file.

    In most of cases there is unavailability of most updated backup and in that case it is recommended to use third party recovery tools for the successful extraction of entire inaccessible Entourage data. Entourage Repair Utility is one of the great tools that is efficient enough to repair as well as recover all objects of Entourage application database in all possible causes of corruption. This tool works with both Microsoft Entourage 2008 and 2004.

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