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  • How to deal with problems of corruption of Microsoft Entourage Database

    Microsoft Entourage is one of the efficient and widely used email client provided by Microsoft especially for Mac Operating System users. Microsoft Entourage is an important part of Microsoft application and is efficient e-mail application that facilitates users with well-organized e-mail environment and also supports notes, calendars, journals, address book and other documents. It works like a database where all the important and valuable data is stored.

    But sometimes MS Entourage database gets damaged or corrupted. And due to the corruption of database users are unable to access valuable data stored in the e-mail, notes, tasks, journals etc. To come out of this situation users have to use Entourage Recovery software that that efficiently and easily performs Entourage Database Recovery.

    While working in MS Entourage users may encounter the following error message which appears because of corruption of database and makes you unable to access and open valuable data stored in Entourage database:

    “The action could not be completed. An unknown error (4363) occurred.”


    Due to the corruption of database entourage application stops working and does not respond. MS Entourage database can get corrupted because of various reasons like serious virus attacks, improper system shut down, application malfunctioning, corruption of file system and missing identity. To get rid of the above data loss situations users have to go for Entourage Database Recovery.

    The above error message can be solved using the below mentioned steps:

    • Restore data using backup: If backup of data is available than you can restore entourage database by importing it to the application.

    • Rebuild Entourage Database: If there is no valid backup of data available, then you can use Database Utility. This is a tool provided by Microsoft Entourage to rebuild Entourage database.


    If the above error is yet not solved then don’t worry you can Entourage Recovery software to perform Entourage Database Recovery. Entourage recovery software is efficient software which solves all issues of entourage database and repairs Entourage database. It is easy to use and user friendly software which supports MAC 10.5, 10.6 and 10.4.

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