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  • Get Rid of & Fix Entourage Error 4362 - How to Remove

    Microsoft Entourage 2008 is the latest version of Mac Entourage application. This Entourage application is the part of Microsoft Office 2008. Entourage 2008 has a variant features and it offers extended functionalities to ensure and manage your entourage items like emails, contacts, tasks, notes, attachments, journals and other database items. Sometimes you get problem while starting email clients of entourage application. Entourage error 4362 can be the reason behind this issue.

    After having this entourage error you may not access Microsoft Entourage 2008 database. In this situation the entourage database may corrupt and as a result you can not read it. To fix Entourage error 4362 and to prevent from data loss Entourage Recovery is required. While facing this Entourage behavior you may have to face the following error message on your computer screen:

    “The Office database is damaged”

    “Entourage cannot access your data, to attempt to fix the problem, rebuild database.”

    “The action could not be completed. An unknown error (4362) occurred.”


    Due to this Entourage error 4362 mac error the database can be damaged and you have face severe data loss problems. In order to sort out this behavior of Entourage application you will have to find out the root cause of this error and then go for Mac Entourage recovery. In most of the case it has been observed that corruption to Microsoft Entourage database can lead such type of entourage error. Corruption can take place due to many causes like unexpected system shutdown, virus infection, identity corruption and application malfunction.

    To Remove entourage error 4362 and to retrieve lost entourage data you can perform the any of the below methods. This can remove entourage error 4362 and solve out your entourage problem.

    • Create new user account.
    • Verify the database integrity.
    • Repair permission of Mac OS X hard drive.
    • Rebuild Entourage database.
    • Create new MUD (Microsoft User Data Folder)


    Sometimes due to critical database corruption you problem can not be resolved after using above methods. In this condition third party Entourage Repair Software is the last option. Using such powerful and advanced third party tool you can easily fix entourage error 4362. This commercial software is capable to repair entourage database in the case of corruption including application malfunction and identity corruption. To use this software you don’t need sound technical knowledge. Its interactive graphical user interface guides you in the repair process at every step and you perform this task easily and simply.

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