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  • Fix Microsoft Entourage Error 4363

    Microsoft Entourage is a primarily used as widely as an email client, which is a part of Microsoft Office suite in Mac Operating System X. This flexible program lets you to send, receive, and organize your all data or items such as contacts, tasks, notes, calendar and appointments in the database. But under some circumstances, it might possible that entourage database get damaged and can’t let you to access or open data from it. Such behavior causes severe data loss and you have to look for solutions for entourage repair. While starting Microsoft Entourage program or attempting to access emails from it, you may encounter the error message, as mentioned below:

    “Your Office database is damaged-Do you want to quit MSN Messenger and all Microsoft Office Programs so that the Database Utility can run?"

    Succeeding this error, you experience further error message that appears on the Mac screen as follows:

    "The action could not be completed. An unknown error (4363) occurred."


    You receive above mentioned errors most usually while trying to open email messages or deleting any item from the database of MS Entourage. It appears even if you are not making use of MSN messenger and render important Entourage database items inaccessible. To access the objects of Entourage database again, very first you should find out the reasons that cause such error messages.

    Responsible factors causing errors:

    Erroneous behavior of MS Entourage programs arises due to damaging in Entourage database. Corruption is the result of ample of reasons that includes virus or Trojans infection, Entourage malfunctioning, abrupt system shutdown, damaging in file header, application incompatibility and many others.


    To fix MS Entourage Error 4363, you need to use Database Utility to repair the damaging Entourage database. It allows you the options to mend the selected damaged database and resolve the issue. With the help of this built-in tool, you can execute some operations, as follows:

    1. Verify database integrity
    2. Compact MS Entourage database
    3. Rebuild the database to repair
    4. Set database preferences

    If the process of Entourage database rebuilding get unable to fix MS Entourage Error 4363 issue, then you are required to repair and restore corrupted database by using potent and effective third party software called as Entourage repair software. This tool can efficiently scan entire Entourage database and restore all the inaccessible data. It easily handles every sorts Entourage database corruption scenarios. It not only works to repair damaging but also recovers lost Entourage database objects including emails, notes, tasks, contacts, journal, appointments, attachments, etc.

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