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  • Entourage Recovery When Update Makes Data Inaccessible

    Bugs fixing and improving software are incessant process that are followed all through the life span of an application, which are given in the form of regular updates. Each and every software company that also includes Microsoft Corporation regularly offers the updates for their applications as like Mac Office suite. Although under some circumstances, you might not open or access your critical data from your Entourage accounts after the installation of updates. When such sorts of situation occur then you simply need solutions to repair Entourage application’s database.

    Sometimes, due to erroneous installation of updates in Entourage such situation occurs. As for a practical instance of this issue with your MS Entourage account:

    • Experiencing error message in Entourage that notify you about the updates available.
    • After installing Entourage available updates and then reboot your Mac system.
    • While starting Entourage after rebooting, Entourage shows a void account having no E-mails, contacts, tasks and other various data.


    Microsoft Entourage database damaging is an unknown situation, which occur with any email account without any past warning. Apart from the update issues there are several other factors that might lead to Entourage database damaging. To repair Entourage database you should find out the reasons of Entourage database corruption. The most common and frequent reasons of Entourage Email database corruption are as follows:

    • Virus infection
    • Entourage malfunctioning
    • Entourage identity damaging
    • Abrupt system shutdown
    • Database header damaging
    • Corruption in database structure
    • Accidental deletion of the main Identity and created new Identity at system reboot

    In order to fix Entourage Update Makes Data Inaccessible situation you should check Office identities folder for ensuring if there are more than one identity. In case of having merely one Identity, then check Trash. Use Mac system Finder to find the Identity on your Mac and you also reinstall Mac Office. However, the process of reinstallation may resolve all your application related issues, but it is not able to restore data from the database. So as to extract all inaccessible data, you need to locate the affected identity and try to repair it with the help of third-party Entourage database repair tool.


    The responsible factors that cause startup problems in Entourage are:

    • Microsoft Office Mac installation is damaged
    • Corruption in Entourage preferences files.
    • Database is severely corrupted to be accessed by Microsoft Entourage

    This is an efficient tool that extremely effective in all the types of damaging scenarios. It helps you to recover emails, contacts, tasks, project files, and other objects of Entourage data from the database. The easy and interactive user interface of Entourage database repair tool allows you to perform the repair tasks in very simple way. With the help of this tool you can make Entourage Recovery When Update Makes Data Inaccessible.

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