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    MS entourage is basically an Email application or client that works to store, send and receive emails. It is an essential component of Microsoft Office for Mac Operating System. There are many versions of Entourage, in which Entourage 2008 is the most recent application. This latest version of Entourage contains efficient data structure and many advanced features from its prior version. But in-spite of all its functionalities you might get issues while making use of this application. Many of its users complain that it sometimes gets crash, becomes inaccessible and ultimately fails to start.

    Entourage 2008 crash at startup usually occurs when you try to open it. Such activity of the email client makes all your important data inaccessible and for resolving this you are required Entourage repair solutions. The problem might be occurring at the time of opening emails or sending or receiving emails. Entourage Error 17099 displayed on the screen when you got this problem. When it happens with entourage application then all the significant emails, notes, contacts and other items of Entourage become inaccessible.


    As for the instance, you might experience any of the below mentioned error messages while attempting to launch the start up:

    • The application “Entourage” could not be launched because of a shared library error: Microsoft Excel><>
    • An error occurred. There is no such disk
    • Error: Entourage Temp Folder is missing
    • Rules file appears to be corrupted
    • Rules file could not be opened

    The above mentioned error continuously occurs and keeps you devoid from the accessing of data. However, there are several causes of the problem and to fix Entourage 2008 Crash at Startup use suitable Entourage database repair solutions to work around.


    The responsible factors that cause startup problems in Entourage are:

    • Microsoft Office Mac installation is damaged
    • Corruption in Entourage preferences files.
    • Database is severely corrupted to be accessed by Microsoft Entourage

    In order to get rid from such start up issues you can re-install Microsoft Office Mac. Either repair disk preference with the help of Disk Utility or remove them. Recover your stored database from the available recent backup. But going through such activities are quite bothersome and data loss situation also takes place.

    For the complete fixation of Entourage 2008 Crash at Startup issues, it is suggested to make use of third party Entourage repair software to repair and restore corrupted database. This tool is specifically designed for performing thorough scan of entire database by making use of its advanced and powerful scanning algorithms. It work efficiently to fix Entourage 2008 Crash at Startup and many other Entourage related issues.

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