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  • Fix Entourage 2008 Quits Unexpectedly

    Are you getting problem while accessing Entourage files? Sometimes you might not be able to access your significant data from MS Entourage database. Entourage 2008 users get problem when Entourage 2008 quits unexpectedly. There might be various reasons of this behavior of Entourage application including database corruption and database preferences corruption. In this case the stored data may become inaccessible and you may require Entourage repair solution.

    Practically sometimes Mac Entourage application quits unexpectedly or it doesn’t behave as expected. When it happens with your Entourage files then Entourage application quits improperly or you will get an error message, which states the Entourage database is either damaged or corrupted. At this situation you cannot extract your valuable data from the database. To get rid of this problem or to fix Entourage 2008 quits unexpectedly you should find out the root cause of this behavior of Entourage application.


    Most of the time when the Entourage database identity is damaged or entourage software corrupted then you will get such Entourage problem. To get rid of Entourage 2008 quits unexpectedly you can perform the given methods-

    • Restore Preferences- If the preferences database is corrupted then you will have to follow the below steps to rectify this. Open the preferences folder. Select Entourage preferences files and move the files to the desktop. Then you need to start MS Entourage to check.

    • Restore Database- After performing the above methods if the problem remains same you need to restore Entourage database from the most recent backup. The entire Entourage database is saved in the REG file format.

    • Rebuild Entourage Database- If the Entourage backup or archive data is not updated then you need to rebuild the database using database utility. This inbuilt tool helps you in the recovery of the Entourage files in any case of Entourage corruption.

    • Entourage Recovery Software- If all the above methods fails to recover the lost Entourage files then you would have to use third party Entourage recovery software.


    The commercial Entourage Database Recovery software is specially designed to recover the lost data of the Entourage application. It scans the entire database and extracts all the corrupted or damaged data from it. It solves the problem of entourage 2008 quits unexpectedly error. This user friendly software is incorporated with easy graphical user interface to ensure the safe Entourage database Recovery.

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