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  • Easy Guide To Remove “Entourage 2008 Root Certificate Error”

    Are you receiving errors while working with Microsoft Entourage 2008 application? “Entourage 2008 root certificate error” is one of the common errors but you don’t need to panic. Any error that you are facing can be solved out by applying different methods. It may happen that due to Entourage error you may have to face data loss condition or you may not be able to access your stored data. Entourage Database can store a large number of data but all these can become inaccessible due to corruption. To get your data you need to repair entourage database.

    Sometimes when you go to upgrade your Entourage application from 2004 to 2008 or when you set up new clients with Entourage then you will get the following error message on your computer screen:

    “Unable to establish a secure connection to xxx because a correct root certificate is not installed”


    The above error message pops up when Entourage application wants a mail server’s security certificate, if the server is running Exchange then you will have to obtain the security certificate. For this task you can go to the Web page for the server’s Outlook Web Access. This task can be done when you use IIS Services. To perform this task you should have administrator access to follow the following steps:

    Step1. Open the IIS Management application on the Exchange Server or another server connection to it.

    Step2. Select the properties containing your OWA/Exchange site.

    Step3. Select the Directory Security Tab, then View Certificate and select the Details Tab.

    Step4. Select the option “Yes I want to export the private key”:

    Step5. Check the box which says: “Include all the certificates in the certification’s path”.

    Step6. Select the pass phrase to protect the contents of the Certificate:

    Step7. Name the file then either places it on a server, Keychain drive, CD or some other media that can retrieved in Mac.


    The user interactive guide of this repair tool allows anyone to repair the damaged Entourage database. It easily recovers data from Entourage database and make accessible whole database. This powerful Entourage repair software is also applicable for other Entourage error including entourage root certificate error. It supports all Entourage versions.

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