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  • Fix “entourage cannot find this item” error

    In the Entourage application Entourage Identity is very prone to corrupt. It is the critical situation when identity gets corrupt or damaged. You may have to face data loss situation because of that. Your Entourage items become inaccessible but you don’t have to get upset because of this behavior of entourage. You have some options to repair this entourage cause. Using some powerful tool the situation of corrupt Entourage database can be solved.

    In some of the case when you import all the email items of the Entourage to the new entourage then you will get the following error message:

    "Entourage cannot find this item. it may have been deleted or renamed"


    There might be different causes of the above stated error. Corruption of the damaged Entourage identity may be the main cause of the “Entourage cannot find this item” error. To resolve this problem you will have to rebuild Entourage identity. For this follow the below steps:

    Step1. Exit from all the application.

    Step2. When you see the window of database utility then press the options (alt) key to start Entourage application.

    Step3. Select database and click Rebuild Entourage database and press continue.

    Step4. From the main identity Windows you can see the main progress.

    Step5. Select Done and Quit. Now open Entourage files.


    After performing all the above steps if the problem solved then it is fine but still you are facing the same Entourage cannot find this item error then you can get help of third party Entourage database repair tool. This third party entourage repair software comes in read only mode and it is non-destructive in nature. Using this tool you can easily repair your mail items, such as contracts, appointments, journals, attachments, tasks, and events etc. This Entourage recovery tool designed for the Entourage 2008 and 2004 which is compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, 10.5 Leopard and 10.4 Tiger.

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