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  • How to get rid of 'Entourage not enough memory error'?

    Are you getting problem in accessing the Entourage Inbox, Drafts folders, deleted items and other subfolders of your entourage files? Sometimes when the entourage file size crossed its limit then you will get entourage not enough memory error while accessing entourage database items or while saving other data on the entourage application. In such condition all your precious data becomes inaccessible which leads the severe data loss. At this point of time you will have to perform Entourage data recovery.

    In a practical scenario you will get problem with your email client when you go to save some data on entourage application. The below error message will be appear on the computer screen:

    “Entourage cannot open the item due to an error. Not enough memory.”


    Because of this behavior of entourage application all your important data becomes inaccessible. If you are going to recover Entourage database in this condition then you should find out the cause of entourage not enough memory error first.

    You should know that the above error is not caused by memory problem but the actual cause of the given error is a wrong description on generic error. There are number of cause of this generic error are:

    • If you are encountering this error message while receiving emails then it might be the cause of corrupt message.
    • If the fonts are faulty or damaged then it can also be he cause of given error.
    • If the MAC RAM memory become low or damaged then it may be the cause of entourage not enough memory error.
    • Either the Entourage database is corrupt or damaged.


    To resolve entourage not enough memory error of the Entourage application you can perform the following steps:

    • Using Web browser log into your account and remove the damaged items.
    • Install the new fonts or remove the faulty fonts.
    • Replace or upgrade your Macintosh RAM.
    • From the updated backup restore your database.

    If any of the above steps didn’t help you in the recovery of the entourage database then you have one of the single options of Entourage database recovery to fix entourage not enough memory error. To get your data again or to make your data accessible it is the best option. Entourage Database Recovery software can be used in this case. This software is added with powerful algorithm which is capable of retrieving inaccessible data in all data loss situations.

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