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  • Repair Entourage Database after Exchange Server Configuration fails

    Microsoft Entourage is commonly used by the computer users as an email client. This Entourage application is an inbuilt tool provided with the Mac operating system. The email functionality of Entourage application helps you to create a collaborating messaging environment. In some of the case you can’t be able to configure entourage with Exchange server. Commonly it happens when Entourage database corrupts. At this condition you need to repair Entourage database after Exchange server configuration fails.


    Due to some of the cause entourage database gets damaged and you become unable to configure a new Exchange server account on Entourage 2008. In this situation the saved data on the entourage becomes inaccessible and you may not be able to send emails. When you try to rebuild your entourage database then you will find that the rebuild process fails with some of the unknown errors. To resolve this situation and you must have to find out the cause of this behavior of entourage.

    The entire problem in entourage may starts from the entourage database corruption. There might be different reasons of Exchange server configuration fails. Virus infection, improper system shutdown, application malfunction and more are the main cause of this entourage behavior. After having this issue Entourage cannot recognize the database and it becomes inaccessible. In order to fix Exchange Server Configuration fails issue you need to follow the given steps.


    • To create a new identity removes the main identity from Microsoft User Data folder and reboot the email client. After that connects to the Exchange server using new identity then restore data from Exchange server mailbox.
    • Restore data from the most recent and valid backup. Current backup can ensure your entourage data.

    If the above steps fail to recover entourage database then you still have an option of third party Entourage Repair software. This entourage repair software is particularly designed to fix entourage errors. It performs deep scan of entire database using advanced scanning algorithms. Using this tool you can easily recover your inaccessible data in all corruption scenarios.

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