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  • Get rid of “Microsoft Sync Services has encountered a problem” error

    “Microsoft Sync Services has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”

    Above error message is generally appears with the Entourage users. It usually prompts when you try to synch service of entourage application. With entourage items like Entourage calendar and contracts iCal and Address Book synchronization features are provided. But these features are not in function and when you go to perform synchronization then got the above error message. Most of the time this error appears after upgrading Entourage to 2008 or upgrading with the patches.


    Generally when the synch services are corrupt then Microsoft Sync Services problem appears with the Entourage users. Synch cache is one of the causes of this error. You would have to clear the synch cache to perform the synchronization.

    To resolve this condition of entourage or to fix “Microsoft Sync Services has encountered a problem” error you can perform the following steps:

    • Step1. Turn off Synch Services in preferences
    • Step2. Reset the Microsoft Synch services
    • Step3. Clear Synch Services Cache


    The above manual steps contain various processes. To resolve the described error you would have to perform all these steps correctly. If any of the problem occurs in the mid of the process then you will get problems and your data can be lost. It requires Entourage recovery option.

    After performing the above steps if the same error prompts on the screen it means entourage database corrupted. In this case you would have to repair entourage database file. For this you can use third party Entourage database repair tool. It provides user friendly steps that can be performed easily. Using this tool you can easily fix “Microsoft Sync Services has encountered a problem” error and repair entourage database. So get ready to use this tool and make your entourage file accessible.

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