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  • Fix “the domain name servers are not responding” Error

    Microsoft has developed an entourage application especially for the Mac users this application is mainly used on the Mac OS 8.5 or later version. This email application allows you to use the various important components including emails, contacts, notes, calendar entries etc. The stored emails are saved in RGE file format. The stored file gets inaccessible when this file gets corrupt or damaged and in this case Entourage repair is required to make your data accessible.

    Sometimes when you try to receive email messages in Entourage application instead of receiving emails you will get the following error message:

    “Mail could not be received on account account_name. The domain name servers are not responding”


    After having this error data of the MS entourage file cannot be accessed and there may be data loss condition occurs. There may be various cause of this accidental Entourage error like virus infection, hardware corruption etc but the major causes of this error are:

    • The e-mail server on the ISP become down or the server is not operational.
    • Wrong email account information can be the cause of this error.
    • Entourage or Outlook Express identity may be damaged or corrupted.

    In some of the case when you try to run Microsoft Entourage 2001 for Mac in Mac Classic OS and the Internet preferences files are damaged. This can also be the cause of the above described error message. Once this error occurs you would have to face various problems while using Entourage application. The stored or saved Entourage file can be damaged or corrupt. In order to fix “the domain name server are not responding error” you have various options including Entourage repair software.


    If you are getting “the domain name servers are not responding entourage error due to down or non-operational email server then to resolve this error you should contact with ISP (Internet Service Provider). If damaged entourage identity becomes the reason of this error then you will have to repair your Entourage application. For this you can use third party Entourage repair tool. This Entourage repair software repairs the damaged and corrupted entourage files in few clicks and make all the files accessible. The user interactive wizards of this tool provides you easy guide to get rid of this entourage error.

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