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  • Mac Entourage Database Recovery- Fix corruption and recover Entourage files

    Microsoft Entourage is an application for email and personal information organizer which is specially designed and developed by Microsoft for Microsoft or Mac operating system. Entourage application provides you well organized emailing surroundings that supports you in storing notes, journals, calendar, protect manager, address book and other objects that are related. All the data of these items are stored in the entourage database. Sometimes entourage database gets damaged and you need Mac entourage database recovery.

    Most of the entourage database users have experienced that Microsoft Entourage database may get damaged routinely causing strange behavior of Entourage account, or due to severe warning messages. In many times entourage database gets corrupt in such condition your all database items make inaccessible. To fix entourage database corruption you are required a Mac entourage database recovery process.


    Possible causes that become the reasons of the corruption in database-

    • Entourage identity or database is damaged.
    • Hardware failure
    • Improper shutdown of the application
    • Installation of the entourage application is corrupt
    • Virus attacks
    • System crash and corruption in header of file
    • Inappropriate synchronization of data

    While accessing exchange server or running entourage application you will encounter different types of error messages on your desktop. Some of them are-

    • You are unable to access the application of entourage
    • Failed to open the database.
    • The action can not be finished. An unidentified error (4363) generated.
    • “Error 39” corruption database.

    In order to handle Mac Entourage database corruption for entourage email accounts you can perform the following steps:-

    • Exit from the Entourage Application
    • Kill the MS Entourage process using Activity Monitor
    • Delete Microsoft User Data folder that is located in documents directory.
    • Empty Trash Bin
    • Open the Macintosh Entourage and then reconfigure your account.


    In the above recovery process you can get your valuable emails, tasks, contacts and other items of the Exchange server database but in some of the case this Microsoft utility fails to restore all those items that you have lost in entourage corruption. In this situation third party Mac entourage database recovery tool becomes very useful. This recovery software facilitates better recovery of database including emails, notes, calendar etc.

    Mac Entourage database recovery software is supporting in fixing all kinds of bugs related to corruption or damaged database. It supports the major version of the Microsoft entourage. Before recovery it displays the preview of recoverable database items. The easy graphical user interface helps you in the recovery of the entourage files easily.

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