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  • Rebuild entourage database to solve Entourage errors

    Sometimes while opening Microsoft Entourage database you may find error messages which makes you unable to access valuable data stored in Mac systems. You may face this critical data loss situation in Microsoft Entourage database at any time. These situations may become serious which leads to severe data loss situations. In these situations to get back valuable data there is need to rebuild entourage database.

    You may find following error messages while opening Microsoft Entourage database:

    “Your office database is damaged. You need to rebuild”

    “Entourage cannot access your data, to attempt to fix the problem, rebuild database.”

    “The Office database is damaged.”


    The above error messages occur due to the corruption of entourage database. In this critical data loss situation backup of notes, emails, calendars, attachments, contacts, journals and other documents proved to be very useful. Backup of all these documents can be created by exporting all the data to the RGE file. These backup files can easily be imported to mail account of Entourage database for retrieving database when needed.

    But in the situation when the backup files are not available the condition becomes very critical and it may result in data loss. To come out of these situations, Database Utility is the tool provided by Microsoft for entourage database rebuild. This database utility can be used to check corruption in the entourage database. Database Utility can be operated by pressing option key at the time of launching of entourage software. In the situation when there is corruption of entourage database then it can be repaired by rebuilding the database using rebuild entourage database option of the database utility. Entourage database rebuild helps to solve the above error messages and makes you able to access stored data.


    If you are unable to solve the above error message by these methods than you can rebuild entourage database by using Entourage Repair software. This is efficient software designed to repair and restore entourage database in any data loss condition. It repairs damaged or corrupted mails, contacts, notes, calendars and other documents.

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