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    Basic Information About Mac Mail

    Mac Mail is an important and famous email client included with the Mac Operating System, used all over the World. However, email has become an important part for business sector or any individual. There are large number of email application available which are used for mailing purposes. Mac Mail always try to provide its users best and effective software application. In order to send the mail it has developed a popular email application that is available as a part of Mac Operating System. Mac Mail works as a personal Information manager which is popularly used as a email application mainly for sending and receiving emails. The current version of Mail utilizes SMTP for sending message, POP3, Exchange and IMAP for message retrieval and S/MIME for end-to-end message encryption.

    What Could Be The Reasons Of Email Deletion On Mac Mail?

    Sometimes it seems that Mac users are unable to access their old emails (Apple Forum discussion), you may lose your e-mails from Mac Mail if you delete them from Inbox folder. Mac Mails is a convenient tool for Mac users to manage emails but once it deleted accidentally brings inconvenience. What’s worse is that sometimes it becomes harder to find the lost emails from Mac mail “deleted messages” tab, Mac trash or even your mail account in the Internet. Mac users may get various error message like “Email Deleted Permanently”, “Mail Attachment Being Corrupted”, “Deleted Mail From MBOX”, “Lost Mail Folder” and similar error messages. There are some known situations in which Mac Mail get deleted or it gets corrupted. Some of the most prominent reasons could be.

    • Accidentally Deletion By Mac user or sabotage.
    • Sudden Power Failure.
    • File system corruption in the Exchange server.
    • Unsupported Data.
    • Severe Virus Attack.
    • Hard drive formatting or any physical failure of email client or server.
    • The Email server or client has failed to boot.
    • System shutdown improperly.

    Under these above cases, email deletion or loss is reported. How to recover deleted emails on mac mail question arise to users mind and they really desperate very much. To over come this situation they need effective and reliable solution to recover deleted emails.

    Ref :-

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    Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair Software

    Cisdem Entourage Recovery

    Fireebok Entourage Recovery

    EaseUS Entourage Recovery Wizard

    Remo Entourage Recover

    Pandora Entourage Recovery

    Email Deleted On Mac Mail? How To Recover It Back?

    Once Mac Mail get delete then it could be possible that some useful mail also get deleted and become inaccessible. This can be happened with anyone when somehow mail get deleted and user become unable to find required mails. But you do not have to worry because if you delete any mail from inbox then it has not actually deleted. Actually it just shifted in trash folder of Mac Mail and after some time it also become disappear from trash.

    In order to restore deleted mac emails recovery from Trash, you can opt manual method and can restores all mail in the inbox or at that place where it was previously located. To recover delete mail there are two ways.

    1. Manual Method To Recover Deleted Mail on Mac Mail

    Step1: Open Mac mails and Select Trash Folder.

    Step2: Select those Messages which you want to restore from Trash.

    Step3: Drag those messages to Inbox. While moving messages from trash to Inbox, you can see number of messages which is being shifted to the inbox.

    Note: Mac users can try this manual method to recover deleted e-mails on mac mail. By using these steps you can get your deleted emails on mac mail in hassle free manner. But after passing few days newly deleted mails overwrites by existed mails in the trash and as a result older ones become disappear completely. Hence if your Mac mail get deleted also from trash then it does not mean that you never get those mails because it become only disappear from the mac mail but it remains in mac hard drive. In order to recover deleted emails on mac mail you have to use third party Mac mail recovery Software. Because it is true that manual method will not be effective whereas the third party software restores entire deleted emails or lost emails from mac mail in these circumstances.

    2. Automatically Method To Recover Deleted Mail on Mac Mail

    Well if you are also among those user who comes across above situation and lost your Mac Mail then there is no need to get panic because you can easily retrieve emails from Mac mail using automated software Recovery Tool. As these automatic Removal which is specially designed and developed to helps individual in order to recover deleted emails on Mac mail in an efficient manner.

    Recover Deleted Emails Using Full Version Softwares

    About Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair Software

    Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair program performs safe and accurate recovery of lost emails, notes, address book, personalized calendar, tasks etc that have been accidentally or intentionally deleted from Mac OS X. It brings you numerous of functionality at your fingertips to recover everything you lost on your Mac. You can retrieve irreplaceable files on your hard drive lost due to accidental deletion, media formatting, severe virus attack or other similar issues. The software tool easy to use approach coupled with the ability to perform different recovery options as Quick Recovery, Deleted Recovery, Formatted Media & Search Lost Volume that helps you make the most of this data recovery application.

    Key Features

    • Preview E-mail before actual recovery.
    • Recovers E-mails.
    • Enables Recovery of Mails in Customized Mode.
    • Preview Mails after Scanning.
    • Option to Search or Find the File.


    “No doubt Stellar Entourage Data Recovery rocks! They were able to recover my precious email in a professional manner and the staff was courteous in updating the status on regular basis.” - George liya

    About Cisdem Entourage Recovery

    Cisdem Entourage Recovery for Mac provides its user advanced scanning technology and directory restructuring algorithms to recover their lost data. No issue, whether that the documents are like, emails, videos, music, photos, or lost partitions, from any Mac supported data storage media. This means that you can recover data from internal/external hard drives, USB drives, SD cards, optical media, memory cards, digital cameras, and MP3 players. Cisdem Entourage Recovery for Mac is a good disaster recovery solution, as not only does it support numerous different types of hardware to recover your data from, but also a good selection of file systems are supported as well, including HFS+, FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, and NTFS.

    Key Features

    • Easy to Use.
    • Filter to Recover.
    • Flexible Recovery.
    • Preview Option.
    • Clear Output.
    • File System Support.
    • Optimized code of application to reduce memory footprint.
    • Optimized deep scan with faster scan, more files recovery and more supported formats.
    • Show files counts of every format and category, and total size of list files to be recovered.


    "Cisdem Recovery retrieved all my broken and deleted files without missing a single one" - Jay Dandell

    About Fireebok Entourage Recovery

    Fireebok Entourage Recovery for Mac is an useful utility to recover your lost data from any Mac OS X based media. With this advanced data recovery software, you can recover all your lost documents, archive, emails, photos, music, videos and other multimedia files. The software is extremely powerful and can help you in recovering your precious data, lost due to accidental deleting, improper device usage, formatting, virus attack, software crash, and other reasons. This efficient utility is able to recover the lost files from internal and external hard drive also.

    Key Features

    • Ability powerful data recovery.
    • Restore files flexible and accurate.
    • Ability to preview.


    "All of my data and videos were recovered in the same folders and file names as they were originally. I had over 300 GB of data restored" – James Peterson

    About EaseUS Entourage Recovery Wizard

    Recovering deleted data is now possible with appropriate tools. EaseUS Entourage Recovery Wizard Free is a complete range of data recovery software.It solves all data loss issues - recover files emptied from Recycle Bin, or lost due to formatted hard drive, lost partition, virus attack and other unknown reasons. The software also support dynamic disk and Linux file system. It also enables you to specify file types before restore, save previous searching results, etc. Recover data due to deletion, format, partition loss, software crash, virus infection with this free data recovery software. EaseUS Wizard is a Train Edition software that provide one-stop data recovery software to recover 2 GB data free of charge. Recover data due to deletion, format, partition loss, etc. No matter how and where you lost data, get them back.

    Key Features

    • Supported Various File System.
    • Recoverable Storage Media.
    • Ensures safe and accurate recovery of data.


    “Fine and excellent service. Hear after any health problem means, we will come to EaseUS Data Recovery doctors only.” - Scot Gilles

    About Remo Entourage Recover

    The Software Remo is designed and developed as system utility Software which provides its users with simple, effective and affordable software tools which will help them in Recover data based on any scenario. The software is trend setter in the software utility space with the launch of several innovative features in its software. Remo Entourage Software dedicated customer centric focus helps us in delivering extremely user friendly software coupled with excellent customer support.

    Key Features

    • Recognize and Recover all file types.
    • covery from all file systems supported by Windows as well as Mac OS.
    • If the hard drive is having bad sectors, create disk image and bypassing the bad sectors to recover data from the image.
    • It also recover corrupted partition  from a RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5 array.


    “Awesome! Remo team you truly live up to your name! Thank you for going above and beyond to bring all of this to life in such a short time frame! ” - Nicole Brad win

    Recover Deleted Emails Using Trail Version Softwares

    About Pandora Entourage Recovery

    Pandora Recovery is developed based on user prospective which aimed at scanning and recovering all directories, emptied from Recycle Bin, on any drive of your PC with popular formats, including compressed and encrypted ones. Though the interface of the program may seem to be complicated, there is an easy-to-understand wizard equipped specially for novice users. The software supports alternate data streams and different types of files. The program has useful functionality that helps user to get data back easy manner.

    Key Features

    • Multilingual interface.
    • Deep (cluster) scanning.
    • Automatic detection of the file system.
    • Built-in viewing package of non-associated files.
    • Support for NTFS, FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS / EFS systems.
    • Recovering folders to the local, network or removable drive.
    • Searching for a deleted file according to its criteria and displaying the degree of its damage.


    “Really great Data Recovery app which helps me to recovery my corrupted data” - Jhon

    Use Professional Entourage Recovery Software – Best Practices

    Do you ever think what happen when you expected to check your email or access important official mail, at the same time you keep receiving a message “Emails deleted accidentally from mailbox” or similar one. Well its not a new thing with Mac Mail in fact if you are a regular Apple mail user then you might have face and know about such issues which occur when mails get deleted due to some possible reason. Due to this you may face various trouble till you got it again. Apparently, its very crucial time and every user has a question “how to recover deleted emails on mac mail?”in their mind. Hence expert come up with the best solution to overcome with this problem by a reliable software named “Stellar Entourage Data Recovery”.

    Why Stellar Entourage Data Recovery?

    Stellar Entourage Data Recovery Software is a world's leading professional data recovery tool that will help you recover all your lost or deleted e-mails with all its components. The software understand the email file structure and years long extensive research on how the mails are being stored in individual system as well as mail servers. Stellar has developed its own powerful email recover tools & techniques. Furthermore, the tool has felt and analyzed the situations more closely and given a professional angle to Mac Mail Recovery.

    Striking Features Of Stellar Entourage Data Recovery

    • Compatible across various versions of Mac.
    • Maintains a detailed log report of the recovery.
    • Quick preview of the recoverable items .
    • Can choose desired location to save the recovered data.
    • Check the credibility of the software by truing a demo version of the software.
    • Recovers data from all causes of database corruption including virus attack and hardware failures.

    User Guide For Entourage Repair Software

    Step 1: Launch Stellar Phoenix Entourage Recovery Software. Choose the database file from a different location, Use Browse button and locate the corrupt Entourage file.

    Step 2: With the corrupt Entourage file selected, click Start button and wait until the software finishes scanning it.

    Step 3: Close the dialog box, and then you see a preview of your mailbox. Select a folder in the folders hierarchy to reveal its contents to the right. Amongst those items, select one for its preview.

    Step 4: To see preview other items in the mailbox, such as mail, select the respective option in the software toolbar. To save the repaired Entourage file, click File menu and choose Save Repaired File.

    Step 5: In the dialog box opened, select a destination to save the repaired Entourage database file, and then click Choose button. This starts saving the repaired file.

    Step 6: Once the repair process successfully finished, import repaired database file into Entourage client running on your Mac machine and see if it works. This Entourage recovery software got the ability to fix all such issues efficiently.

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