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  • Repair corrupted Entourage Database

    How Entourage database got corrupted?
    What is the proper way to repair corrupted entourage database?
    Does corrupt entourage database can raise other problems in the saved files and folders of your system?

    Are you facing with the problem of trouble importing in your entourage database of your Mac System? Is this giving you slow experiences on accessing with the mails and other files and folders? So your system is also getting slower and thus you require having an immediate solution for getting your database free from all corruption and damages. With making use of Entourage Repair one can gets a full repairing of the database. All database problems can get solved out by using the defined repair utility tool.


    User can do face problems in importing your database into Entourage 2004/2008. You can try a Database utility to get rebuild the entourage database. If the importing of entourage x identity cannot be done than you can do revert to a backup copy of the database. All data including rules, mailings list, messages, contacts, notes, schedules, tasks are located in a database. Entourage will create a blank identity in which all the mails, contacts are saved. The location is:-

    Entourage 2008: ~/Documents/Microsoft User Data/Office 2008 Identities/your identity

    Entourage 2004: ~/Documents/Microsoft User Data/Office 2004 Identities/your identity

    Therefore, it’s immediately required to repair corrupted entourage database before any more loss happened with your saved data. Many times user do repaired the hard disk but if still the problem prevails than there is a need to rebuild the database using the database utility that does holds down the option key while starting entourage database. User is needed to get hold of the existing database. There is a way to get fix the entire entourage database with making use of the repair utility.


    The accidental corruption in database is one of the main reasons that do increase the chances of damaged database. Other than that software failure or hardware problems are the other causes that can possibly raise the issue of corrupt database. For making a perfect recovery of these type of data there is a need of professional used software. After user repair entourage database the files are do saved at a desired location in RGE file format. Now these files are needed to be import to Microsoft Entourage in order to gain access with in easy mode. Entourage does stores all your essential data in an identity. The software do repair corrupted entourage files and also and you can get back them immediately.

    Thus, get along to use this perfect repair software and get rebuild your database with using this effective database utility. All corrupt, lost, missing and accidentally deleted database can easily be detected and than get recovered back.

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