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  • Restore corrupted Entourage Mail folders

    How you can do restoring of corrupt entourage mail file and folders?
    What is the process to restore entourage mail folders?
    Is it simply possible to get repair the damaged entourage emails?

    While working on Mac System you can do face with some sort of errors in your mail file and folders especially on sending and receiving the mails and this damage mails needs to be resolved soon. In Mac OS you do get the benefit of sending, receiving and organizing your entire important emails through Entourage. This is a sort of email application. With having this application you will be provided with all other details also as such email list, contact, notes, tasks and calendar details.


    With the appearing of error messages while opening any of the emails clearly signifies that the particular file has been corrupt or damaged. This file needs a repairing soon with which all the damages can get out of the files and leave a clean chit file. With recovering process you can do restore corrupted entourage mail folders in a separate folder in your system. Entourage application has been well designed and this has a simply graphical user interface that makes all users to handle this email application very easily.

    This does Easy Repair of Entourage RGE file. By using Entourage application you can easily do backup of all the details saved in your mails as such entire notes, messages, contacts, calendar details. You can do create entourage backups for all mail folders. This means that you can do restore entourage mail folders.

    The process for restoring entourage data is:-

    1. Select the files and import it from menu list.
    2. Click on to select the import information from an entourage archieve radio button and than click on the right arrow.
    3. Now locate the .rge folder that you want to important and than make a click on import button.
    4. Than click on the done button when entourage informs you that the restoring process has been completed.


    More soon the whole repairing process of corrupt Entourage emails got completed than you soon needed to click on restore option. Te repaired files get saved with ‘Main Identity.rge’ by default. If there is already an existing file with same name than you are needed to get replace the file. Thus, download effective tool to restore the corrupt entourage mail file and folders.

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